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Registered Clinical Counselling

Supporting Your Success

Play & Expressive Therapy

Children and teens can also benefit from the therapeutic process.

By incorporating play, art and other expressive therapy options in the therapeutic setting, children will have the opportunity to process, build resilience, and navigate their own emotions.

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Parent & Caregiver Sessions

In-Person or Virtual


Connect for additional support either through individual counselling sessions, parent/guardian, or family sessions.

Reach out and find what type of sessions might benefit you and your family through a free consultation call.

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Nature Sessions

Have your counselling sessions in a local park or nearby trail and get the benefits of therapeutic guidance during your sessions from your counsellor and additional grounding and calm from the presence of nature.

Nature-based counselling can also be beneficial in an indoor or virtual environment as well.

Moss and lichen growing on tree trunk. View going up tree to see leaves on top and blue sky.
Rates & Fees

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions may include expressive therapy, nature therapy and/or narrative therapy.

The type of therapy that works best for you!

Feel free to book at the Surrey or New Westminster locations, online or in a nearby park!

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Mental Health Workers

You may work as a building attendant, mental health worker, peer support worker, outreach worker, case manager or with another mental health support worker title in the nonprofit sector. 


This is a complicated career that is both fulfilling and draining; sometimes steeped in celebration and sometimes heart-aches.


Please reach out for a free consultation or to book discounted sessions.

Rates & Fees
Not Sure Which One? 

Contact me to discuss what counselling service might fit your needs best

15 Minute Consultation Call 


15 minutes

Individual Session 


50 minutes

Family Session


75 minutes

Play Therapy Session 


45 minutes

Parenting Session


75 minutes

Mental Health Worker Session


50 minutes

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