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Mental Health Workers

Working in the nonprofit sector is rewarding and hard work.  Not only do you have your own personal struggles and contexts to consider, you also are providing complex supportive services to others.

You are at the front-line of service delivery, especially working in Vancouver's DTES, for harm-reduction pilot programs, or other low barrier or second stage services.

I worked in supportive housing and residential case management with nonprofits for nearly a decade and understand the complexities of the nonprofit front-line environment.

You are holding space for others and bringing the best that you can to work everyday. Sometimes it is profoundly rewarding and sometimes it can be shattering. The impact of the amount of lives that you have been a part of, some no longer with us, is profound.

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Sometimes looking for a counsellor can be difficult.

You might have been referred to other counsellors that get overwhelmed by the work that you do and have difficulty holding space for the complexity of the concerns you wish to discuss.

Maybe finances are a concern? Some EAP programs are short term and some benefit programs have limited counselling funds that are easy to quickly go through at regular RCC rates.


Sometimes this lead to referrals in low-cost counselling that can be group counselling. Never mind the long wait lists, you have to take in consideration if you have any clients/residents/members/people you are working with are attending if it is a group referral. This dual relationship can lead to not feeling that you have a safe space to discuss your concerns and further complicate your work environment.

Having been there myself, I also know how much I benefited from finding my own counsellor and having someone to talk to honestly and without judgment. The financial aspect was difficult at the time considering cost of living and front-line non-profit wages. This is why I offer a discounted rate for front-line workers. With the work that you do, price and privacy is essential. It is also a bonus to have someone who is not going to be shocked or disproportionately interested in what an actual work day looks like for you - let's talk about what you want to work on in session.

Feel free to book a free consultation online or email me to schedule a session.

Take care,


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