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Image of natural growing moss and fern in sunlight.

Unfurl with Moss and Fern Counselling

Bringing community together through healing adults, children, and families while providing connection with nature

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About Me


Hello, I am Autumn!


I have been working in the mental health field since 2010. My goal is to bring community together through healing children, teens, families and adults while providing connection with nature. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, this is accomplished by being rooted in evidence-based practice that includes training in narrative therapy, expressive therapy, play therapy and with nature as a co-supporter through nature-based therapy.


I create a safe, secure, calm, non-judgmental space to nurture your authentic self to unfurl like the fronds of a fern.


I am here to walk with you as you develop your own core attachment to self and connection to those around you, including nature.

Autumn Stepanyants in blue dress and cardigan smiling. On river path in New Westminster, BC.
Home: About

Counselling Services


Nature-Based Counselling

Nature is all around us, even in urban environments. Why not be guided through your therapeutic healing journey while building connections to the environment around you. These connections will be facilitated with confidentiality, privacy and therapeutic containment in mind.


Have your counselling sessions in a local park or nearby trail and get the benefits of therapeutic guidance during your sessions from your counsellor and additional grounding and calm from the presence of nature.


Nature-based counselling can also be beneficial in an indoor or virtual environment as well.

pine needles and moss image close up
Wooden bowl with wooden discs, pine cones, walnut and wooden balls within it.

Online Counselling & Telehealth

This day and age it can be difficult to find time for the commute to appointments.  If that is the case, experience the therapeutic benefits of a registered clinical counsellor via telephone or video conferencing options. Sessions can still be tailored to include art or other expressive therapy as needed.

Children & Teens

Children and teens can also benefit from the therapeutic process whether it be a play therapy or expressive therapy approach depending on age. By incorporating play, art and other expressive therapy options in the therapeutic setting, children will have the opportunity to process, build resilience, and navigate their own emotions. This puts less pressure on finding the right words for the child, allowing more ability to process in a developmentally appropriate way.

Learn more about Expressive Therapy or learn more about Play Therapy.

Two toy wooden cars in grass.
Tree bark with moss growing in cracks.

Parents & Caregivers

Connect for additional support either through individual counselling sessions, parent coaching or family sessions. Raising a family is never without hiccups. Reach out and find what type of sessions might benefit you and your family through a free consultation call.

Mental Health Workers

Working as an outreach worker, peer support worker or other social housing support roles can be a very complex role.  Mixed in with wanting to provide support likely is overwhelm, stress and sometimes even trauma.  On top of that can be the complication of not wanting to "feel like the client/resident" and having difficulty navigating when you might need someone additional to talk to.

stump love.jpg
fiddle heads of ferns unfurling.

“One thing I’ve learned in the woods is that there is no such thing as random. Everything is steeped in meaning, colored by relationships, one thing with another.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

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Office Details

Unit 103 - 713 Columbia St. New Westminster, BC
  • In-person therapy sessions for adults and children

  • Play and Expressive therapy space

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Wait list available - email to inquire

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